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We are a start-up engineering firm that consults, designs and delivers cutting-edge solutions to public and commercial clients within the UK and beyond. We achieve this by proactively collaborating and applying innovative approaches that provide optimum value to our clients operating within the civil and infrastructure sectors.

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Kraft Engineering Consultant
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We are trusted by many of our public and commercial sector clients, worldwide!


As a start-up engineering firm, we bring a more agile and flexible approach by applying the lean start-up methodology famously known in the technology industry in the following manner;

  • Step 1 – Eliminate Uncertainty in Client Requirements. Requirements are often filled with chaos, and our competitors thrive on to overcharge with variations and compensation events during the project, which hurt constrained client budgets. Instead, we use tools such as design thinking workshops to bring a process, a methodology around the client’s requirements.

  • Step 2 – Work Smarter (Not Harder) Rather than asking ‘Can we design or build this requirement?’, our questions are usually ‘Should we be designing or building this requirement?’. Asking why helps us to understand, if it is required in the first place or if there are other alternatives.

  • Step 3 – Minimum Viable Brief – The core aspect of our methodology is to establish an activity-measure-feedback loop. Through the initial steps, working with the client closely we identify the core problem and in turn, we provide a set of activities that would address such problem. Each activity is measurable and consists of constant feedback from the client and stakeholders involved, without the burden of scope creep, project budget increases and delivery delays.

  • Step 4 – Successful delivery of a Minimum Viable Brief & Validated Learning – The definition of done always requires the ability to demonstrate progress and results to validate learning and provide improvements on future Minimum Viable Briefs. A project could be made up of several Minimum Viable Briefs, however, the advantage of this type of breakdown is that the client and stakeholders are in the driving seat all the way through.

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Kraft Engineering believes in the power of sharing industry-focused insights and thoughts to support the progress of the civil and infrastructure sector’s procedures, practices and policies. We believe our sector has major strides in advancements such as the implementation of BIM Level 2, offsite manufacturing with DfMA initiatives and carbon reduction to support national government strategies.

However, as technology continuously grows in more frequent cycles, there is always a need for us to keep pace and importantly future-proof our solutions with increased collaboration and demand for efficiencies.

Therefore, our free publications are put together to help inform clients and stakeholders with these key insights and thoughts to make the best decisions in their programmes and projects.

Digital Transformation & Digital Twins

To be released 31st March 2022

Modernising GPR Scanning & Data Processing

To be released 30th April 2022

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